Q: What all comes with my fan order?

A: Each Fan cover also includes mounting hardware and a sticker!

Q: What shipping method is used for FREE SHIPPING?

A: We offer the fastest and most economical shipping method available to your area! On Average, Orders usually take 3-5 Business days to arrive.

Q: Do fan covers hinder cooling performance?

A: Some of our fan covers will slightly hinder the performance of the fan they are covering. We strive to ensure our fan covers allow enough flow to ensure this restriction is negligent. It is highly recommended to monitor your PC temperatures after installing any modifications!

Q: Where is Located?

A: is located in bright and sunny Southern California.

Q: Where are fan covers made?

A: We proudly design and manufacture each and every fan cover in the United States of America!

Q: What are your Fan Covers Made Of?

A: Each and every fan cover from are made and designed in the USA. We use Polylactic acid or PLA to create all of fan covers. PLA is a thermoplastic polyester made using corn sugar, potato, or sugar cane. Making our fan covers recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable! This means all of our fan covers will leave little to no carbon footprint!